Documents required for credit analysis

  • Identity and marital status documents
  • Request for credit completed by all applicants
  • Statement person politically exposed for each applicant
  • Credit Bureau Agreement and Banking Risk Center completed for each applicant
  • Documents certifying income
  • Property documents for the property under warranty
  • Evaluation report for the property under warranty - will be requested and obtained directly by Verida from an authorized valuer

Documents needed to sign the credit agreement

  • The property insurance policy brought under the guarantee - will be divested to Verida
  • Energy certificate - It is recommended to obtain an energy certificate issued by authorized auditors that informs you about the energy efficiency of the purchased real estate.
  • Documents required to be presented to the public notary in order to conclude the mortgage contracts and, if applicable, the contract of sale-purchase - I WILL NOT BE PRESENTED TO THE NOTAR IN ORIGINAL:
    • Property acts (purchase contract, donation contract, maintenance contract, building permit and reception protocol, court decision, etc.);
    • Termination of registration in the land book;
    • Land Book Extract for Authentication - The Land Book Extract will be obtained by the notary with a maximum of 5 days prior to the conclusion of the contracts;
    • Tax certificate - which shows that the owners of the property brought under the guarantee do not have fiscal debts;
    • The certificate from the owners' association - which indicates the state of the debts related to the immovable property, as the case may be.