“Fixed for home” Loan

This loan is for you if your income is in USD

“My home from home” Loan

This loan is for you if your income is in Euro

“My Home” Loan

This loan is for you if your income is in RON


Verida Credit was the only financial institution in Romania that accepted to help me buy my first apartment. No bank or other institution wants to credit a sailor. I was fortunate enough to find out about Verida Credit from a former colleague and with her help I applied for a real estate loan. The professionals at Verida where with me step by step in all stages of the credit. And that's why I thank them with the greatest respect and consideration. Adriana Amariei - Bucuresti

"If you are a navigator, Verida is the best solution for your credit loan" Andreea B. - Bucuresti

"Although I have income from abroad and a problem in the Credit Bureau, at Verida I found an open team ready to understand my case. I had a personalized analysis and quick approval." Alin G. - Bucuresti

"The only offer for foreign income earning customers - pensions. It does not get more simpler than this" Maria B. - Domnesti, Jud. Ilfov

"Although I was skeptical at first, their flexibility is what surprised me the most. I had a credit analysis just for me and they tried to understand my situation." Nicolae D. - Bucuresti

"The loan was given very easily and all the information was clear throughout the process. The client adviser answered all my questions and everything was fine." Ana-Maria F. - Sinaia, Jud. Prahova

"I appreciated the speed of the load process at Verida, and in just two days I got my approval." T. Constantin - Bucuresti