"Fixed for home" Loan

This loan is for you if your income is in USD

"Fixed for home" is a unique mortgage product in Romania that combines the advantages of a loan in the same currency as your income with the security and stability of a fixed interest rate and 10 years of experience in mortgage loans.


  • It is given in dollars and is also reimbursed dollars, namely in the currency in which you make the income.
  • The ratio between the value of the loan and the value of the property under guarantee is 75%
  • Fixed rate for the entire duration of the credit

What does all these advantages mean to you? The fixed interest rate and the fact that the currency of the credit is the same as the income gives you zero risk for you and your family because you know every month how much you have to pay and the rate is not affected by other factors on the banking market (Euribor, Robor, currency exchange). You know from the start the monthly payment and we guarantee that it will not change over the entire duration of the loan (maximum 30 years).

Fixed interest means your monthly installment never increase for the entire duration of the loan, regardless of the evolution of the benchmarks that the other financial institutions practice. It is the only US dollar credit in Romania with fixed interest over the entire period it is granted.



Who is it for

  • For you, if you are interested in buying or renovating a home
  • For you, if your income is in USD
  • For you, if you want a fixed monthly installment, risk free


If you want to buy a home for you and your family
If you wish to renovate your home, finalize a home in the "red stage" or if you wish to extend or improve the comfort of your home
If you wish to invest in different real estate, with lower costs than the unguaranteed alternatives on the market


Approval in 48 hours, since complete application submited


The amount can be at your disposal in the next 5 days


A maximum of 30 years loan contract period



  • Your interest rate is fixed throughout the duration of the contract, it is set from the start and it can not be changed.
  • Monthly installments are equal throughout the duration of the contract and are formed from capital and interest
Annual interest of 7.5 %
Analysis commission of 500 USD

Monthly administration commission of 0.03% for acquisitions or 0.05% for renovating and investments

Because any relationship is based on transparency and trust, we are letting you know that there are also other cost and commissions that you must take in account

Property evaluation fee differs from one property to another
Property insurance is mandatory, and we offer the possibility of taking out an insurance policy with ease.

Electronic archive fee is 65.7 RON for every collateral.


  • For Fix for Home credit can apply any Romanian citizen or foreign citizen residing in Romania, with a minimum age of 21 years
  • We accept a wide number of income categories that are payed in USD (seafaring personnel, cruise ship employees, oil platform workers, or other independent activities with contracts in USD currency, etc)
  • You can obtain a maximum of 75% of the property value that you want to buy or renovate: 
    • For the acquisition of a property you must have a minimum of 25% down payment 
      • or
    • 0% down payment if you bring an additional collateral property
    • For renovation purposes it is not necessary to make a down payment 
  • Your debt to income ratio must allow you to pay the installment and also all your other expenses ( other payments, other installments etc)
  • Credit history to be in line with internal approval rules

*The collateral property must be insurable against earthquakes and other major risks and also must be registered in the Land Registry.

Necessary Documents

*Please contact us for further information based on your type of income

Example: For a Verida mortgage loan in value of 45.000 USD for a duration of 30 years with a fixed interest rate 7.5%, your monthly installment is 326 USD. Verida has a up-front fee of 500 USD which is retained from the loan value, it is payed at the moment of disbursement, monthly administration fee of 0.03% applicable to the credit balance. The annual interest is 8.27%. Total amount payable in 360 installments:  117 580 USD. The Consumer Protection Legislation, GEO 52/2016, entitles consumers to request the conversion of the credit in the currency in which they earn most of their income or in the country of residence. The credit will be repaid in the currency in which it was awarded, namely US Dollars.

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