Frequently asked questions

If you are a Verida customer and you need an additional amount, just contact a Verida counselor directly through the CHAT or contact us at 021 308 33 11.

The Verida credit rate is paid into the account opened with Raiffeisen Bank RO83 RZBR 0000 0600 1594 8415

By filling in the Mail Address Change Form, signing it and sending it to, it will be changed immediately.

Besides the main activity of real estate lending, Verida also carries out the bancassurance activity, which involves the intermediation of the insurance products that are complementary to its credit products. Thus, we can facilitate the payment and conclusion of insurance policies, contact person:

Alexandra Dobre

Insurance Agent

Phone: 021 302 38 00


We recommend that you make the insurance policy only to authorized companies, such as:


If you have a damage in the building (flood from the neighbors, an apartment pipe broke), you need to contact an inspecting officer of the insurance company to which you have contracted the insurance policy.

You have contact details in your contract with the insurance company as well as on their website.

Once the building inspection is done, you will determine the amount of damage that will be paid into your account.

Depending on your request, fill in and sign the specific form and send it to the customer relations department at

The fees for the additional services requested fall within a maximum of 600 lei. Discount applies based on your request type.

It is necessary to fill in the form for prepayment and to send it to Verida by post, fax or email.

As a result of early payment, you will be able to choose between lowering the monthly rate or decreasing the credit period.

In order to process the request for early repayment, it is necessary that the amount you intend to repay is deposited in the Verida account.

Upon receipt of the early payment request, a reimbursement plan will be sent by e-mail

To sell the property as it is mortgaged to Verida, you will need our written agreement.

If the buyer pays the real estate price with cash payment, you will fill in the application form for the sale agreement and the loan cancellation form. Issuance of the certificate of liquidation is made in max. 5 calendar days after the credit is cleared.

If the buyer contracts a credit from another bank to pay the price, we will need an address from that bank.

After full payment of the credit balance by the buyer, we will issue a credit clearing address, a waiver of the policy assignment in favor of Verida, and we will remove the Verida mortgage from the Land Registry.

If the Verida credit has been liquidated, we will begin the process of delisting the Verida mortgage from the Land Registry and will be carried out as follows:

  • The Verified Public Notary Public Bureau will submit to the Office for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising a request for the release of the Information Extracts;
  • Following the release of the Information Statement, Verida will issue the mortgage cancellation statement in authentic form in the presence of a notary public;
  • Subsequently, the notary public will file with the Office for Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity the mortgage cancellation document.

For any information or request, you can discuss with a Customer Relationship Advisor at 021 308 33 11 or at

  • Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 18.00

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